Notes on “Camp”

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46. The Dandy was overbred. His posture was disdain, or else ennui. He sought rare sensations, undefilded by mass appreciation. […] He was dedicated to “good taste.”

The connoisseour of Camp has found more ingenious pleasures. Not in Latin poetry and rare wines and velvet jackets, but in the coarsest, commonest pleasures, in the arts of the masses. […] Camp transcends the nausea of the replica…

48. The old-style dandy hated vulgarity. Ne new-style dandy, the lover of Camp, appreciates vulgarity. Where the dandy would be continually offended or bored, the connoisseur of Camp is continually amused, delighted. The dandy held a perfumed handkerchief to his nostrils and was liable to swoon; the connoisseur of Camp sniffs the the stink and prides himself on his strong nerves.

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