Fire! (14to Microrrelato Paranoico)

House fireEscribe Iván Velázquez

Fire! I smelled the common stench of burning wood, and I ran towards the window. I peeked outside to see the familiar image of the man holding the match and the kerosene tank, except this time I saw his murderous face, smirking with abhorrence. I saw the vision replaying in front of me as the man threw the match towards the trail of fuel he had left on the ground. A flame ignited and ran all the way to the porch of the house, burning and smoldering everything in its way. I was trapped! How was I to leave? I needed to find something to break this window. I searched around when I noticed a steel nightlight on the side of the bed where the corpse of the man now lied. I ran towards the lamp and suddenly came to an abrupt halt. Something was not right! I didnt know what, but I knew it had something to do with the couple in bed. Who was that man? For some reason, I felt that he had the answers to all the uncommon and otherworldly events that have occurred to me today.

As I approached him, my head started to ache and a foreshadowing feeling filled and consumed me. I was in shock! In one apparent move it all became clear to me! I know now why I did not remember anything, or why the man did not see me! I understand why all my attempts to stop him where in vain! I understand why I had the vision and why all signs seemed to lead me here. I understand now that my spirit is reliving the awful moment of my tragic death. And as I saw my lifeless corpse staring at me in a be of devouring flames, I understood it was the end.

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